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About Me

Name: Zhang Junlong
Nick Name: Dragon King
Nationality: China
DOB: Nov. 12, 19XX
Constellation: Scorpio
Position: Unorthodox
Boxing Age:25Yr
Weight: Heavyweight

professional record:20 20Ws 20KOs
National Honor: First Class Military Medals,
Second Class Military Medals, Third Class

Military Medals

China Dragon King, Zhang Junlong
China's first heavyweight champion turned

to professional people


Every fight, every second of the inerasable confrontation, despite the different appreciation and ethical evaluation, only with its unique and unpredictable charm, this sports not only wins high interest in the world, but each chain of the industry also continues to create extraordinary wealth.

With the eternal fantasy, from the first day of professional boxing, it’s connected to "popular entertainment" seamlessly, and every fighter from the first day of boxing will also be marked with a "popular entertainment" label. Competitive economy, gambling economic, entertainment culture, brand packaging ... ... The huge industrial chain, is opening in China.  From the WBC Asian boxing Council set in China to the World Boxing Federation (WBF) President Howard that “boxing center in the future must be in China”, from Chinese men's boxing took off helmets and use 10 points from rules of AIBA, to Zhang Junlong, Zou Shiming and Xiong Chaozhong started professional boxing storm ... ... According to incomplete statistics, with the opening of the Chinese market for professional boxing and connection, statistics in the year 2000 from only CCTV weekly broadcast programs of professional boxing, has accumulated more than millions of boxing fans in China. With the development of China's economy, the media industry grows, and professional boxing in China spreads widely, the huge sports industry chain, and business entertainment chain, also will have an inestimable value in China. As each battleground of professional boxing, is encouraging, boiling! Now, with Rocky's spirit, let us be on the way.

                                                                                                                 I Must Win, Must KO, I am the champion

                                                                                                                                ——Zhang  Junlong (Dragon King)

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